Since graduating from university Ruby Barclay hasn’t had too much free time to make art but their creativity has since materialised in other ways. Ruby’s style is a smorgasbord of colours, shapes and textures - a visual manifestation of their identity and feelings du jour. Their social media - a vibrant concoction of art, opinions and selfies, is no different.

Watching them volunteer at Arts Sisterhood (a non-profit organisation that holds DIY art therapy classes for women and non-binary individuals), it’s clear that they have a natural ability for nurturing and offering support. Sharing blank pieces of paper with those who attend the classes, Ruby paints and interlinks their own emotions and struggles with mental health with the people around them, a creative dialogue that is healing for both parties.

What you will find in the interview is an unrefined, unedited conversation with this magic individual because Ruby is just that - unrefined and unedited. Her open, honest and unfiltered approach to creativity, and more importantly life, is something we should all take note of and exercise from time to time.


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