Who is Kayla?

A developing artist and curator, discovering new ways to blend both my fashion and political interests together. 

At what point did you realise that fashion was something you would like to work with?

In my late teens, I like how you can re-invent yourself.
I definitely liked the way you could express a mood through clothing, that kind of stuck with me and I loved that.

And with that, do you think your personal style reflects that description?

I like to be versatile with my style, I do go through stages of a certain style I’m feeling. But these days it’s less about me and more about how I can channel these energies through my work.

You studied Fashion buying at University. What does that imply, how does that work in real life?

Studying a business based fashion degree helped to a certain extent. Fashion is a business at the end of the day, so although I see myself as a creative, I also have this savvy business side. University helped with that!

Being women in the industry has that changed your perception on what style and fashion is and means?

I definitely hear more around what women are wearing or look like, so I wouldn’t say changed, if anything, like other women, almost rebel and just wear whatever you want, because you’re never going to please everyone.

I like to think all women should be confident in what they wear or their style. But I know this isn’t the case. There is still such a stigma around what women wear… but I do feel like fashion definitely is more about being yourself now more than ever.

Where do you draw your references and inspiration?

I would say past and present, but music plays a big deal for me. A lot of nineties music and female artists that I grew up listening to, Missy Elliot, Lil Kim, Mary J, even like the spice girls. Fashion creates a feeling for me just like music does.

I love blonde icons, like Madonna and Pamela Anderson, I also admire past decades - like British subcultures, like Teddy girls and skinheads. Past designers, current designers, designers who are also pushing to be environmental and waking up. But people and things influence me everyday 


What’s next for you, what can we expect of styles and work?

2018 is just the start for me! I’m excited to progress and grow as a stylist, experiment and work with loads more amazing creatives.



Instagram: @kaylagarnerjones.       Webpage: Coming soon