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With this series of photographs, my main aim was to capture the preservation of youthfulness and adolescence.
All three of the girls I took pictures of are my friends and I wanted to show some of the characteristics I see in them as well as attitude and boredom teenagers often embody. I think that it is really important to be comfortable in your surroundings. So by taking images of my friends, I felt that there was a potential for them to be more relaxed and therefor I was able to tap into something quite special. I think that a lot of young people at the moment struggle with finding comfort within themselves. They are often searching and focusing on their imperfections instead of focusing on what great attributes they have already. So that is why I tried to capture self satisfaction in these photographs to show that what you have within yourself is enough! Jingyu Lin and Daisy Walker also heavily inspired this shoot, as they are both female photographers that I really look up to and so I tried to incorporate elements of their work in my photographs. - Edie Telle Nakata