FEELINGS is a brand new multi-platform creative network that hopes to connect queer, femme and female artists around the world, allowing them to collaborate, create and showcase their work to wider audiences. Its focal point is a zine, released every three months, to which artists and writers will be invited to submit their work. Each instalment will encourage contributors to produce responses relating to a specific theme, and this will change from issue to issue. FEELINGS will unite both longform print and instant digital media, making for a more rounded, dynamic experience.

The FEELINGS website, as well as providing space for daily features and reviews, will also host both a networking platform and an e-commerce store. These will provide artists with the opportunity to upload their portfolios, browse those of other members, make connections and even sell their work to buyers over the internet. Think LinkedIn meets Etsy, but specifically for queer art! You’ll also be able to find us on Facebook, where we will be promoting collaborations and events, and Instagram, where our curated visual diary will be updated weekly.

Our primary objective is to promote diversity in the arts. We want to give artists with vastly differing experiences and worldviews the opportunity to have their voices heard and their work seen and understood. We want to attack structures of privilege and inequality in the art world head-on, doing so through the provision of a democratic, open space. We hope that progressive discussion will be generated, and that every visitor to the website, or reader of the zine can come away with new perspectives.